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Chemicals used in water treatment processes

Water is life and if our water sources become contaminated it can jeopardise the health of entire communities. Water may become polluted as the result of a number of events, from industrial effluent, high mineral content as a result of seepage from industrial processes, poor water treatment and the disposal of waste into water systems.

Mines require a lot of water during the extraction of minerals and the water utilised for mining operations needs to be re-used for future projects including agriculture. Elite Wholesale Group distributes water treatment chemicals that neutralise and remove toxic materials for safer re use of water after it has been used in mining and other processes.

Depending on the nature of pollutants in the water, EWG will work with customers to provide the most suitable chemicals or chemical combinations to manage detoxification.

EWG works with manufacturers to develop water treatment products that can be utilised to maintain the integrity of the water quality before it enters ground or river sources and further contaminates downstream users.

It is imperative that the water used in mining and other industrial environments is continuously tested and treated. Elite Wholesale Group takes water treatment very seriously and all our manufacturing partners value the insight the company can bring to their operations.

If you believe we can help you improve the status of the water used during your operations and before it is expelled after use into the country’s water systems, consult EWG for the best products to use.

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