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Creating a company culture that works for all

It is often said that the biggest asset in any company – of whatever size and in whatever sector- is its people and at EWG we couldn’t agree more.

We blend chemicals – and people

In the same way that we put 100% effort into understanding how our chemical raw materials will be blended and applied by our customers, so we work to blend together our team in order that it functions at maximum capacity.

Working consciously to create an environment that is conducive to happy, engaged and motivated staff means that we can provide the best service to our customers. At EWG we value staff morale and wellbeing over profits, as without each member of the team, there would be no business and no profits.

Values that are important

Our positive and nurturing attitude towards all of our employees, every one of whom is integral to our entire operation, has resulted in the company being able to attract and retain the best qualified professionals in their respective fields, from the chemical manufacturing that is the core of our business to the finance, IT and other departments that support our key functions.

We believe that it is as important for a company to create a culture that is clearly defined, has clear values and a well-articulated vision and mission as it is to work on the development of quality products.

The Elite Wholesale Group is a leader in its field providing the best quality raw chemicals and is pioneering a positive company culture that allows the company to thrive.

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