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Prevention is better than cure – the case for the use of corrosive resistant coatings

Left untreated, corrosion can result in costly damage to machinery and materials.

Corrosion causes:

  • Premature ageing of parts and components

  • Undue wear and tear

  • Degeneration of strength and durability of a part or material

Corrosion and its causes can be prevented by the proper application of corrosive resistant coatings which protect machinery and all its component parts. Corrosive resistant coatings protect metal and moving parts from natural corrosion caused by scale build up, oxidation, exposure to moisture and also exposure to other chemicals.

Applying a quality corrosion resistant coating as a base or primer, as well as a topcoat prepares surfaces for paints and other coatings.

As a result of properly treating surfaces with corrosion resistant coatings, such as those manufactured and distributed by EWG you can:

  • Prolong the lifespan of machinery and individual parts and materials

  • Reduce the costs of repair and maintenance of machinery

  • Avoid costly downtime when machines breakdown

  • Potentially save lives from malfunctioning machinery

Corrosion resistant coatings should be an integral part of your preparation and treatment of machinery, components and materials that are susceptible to corrosion from environmental factors as well as exposure to other chemicals and processes in your factory or plant.

EWG provides customers with a diverse range of quality services and products including corrosion resistant coatings and paints.

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