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What to look for in quality chemical raw materials

The quality and consistency of the chemical products you use during the course of your manufacturing or production process are critical to the quality and consistency of your own end product.

Custom chemicals for maximum performance

Custom chemicals can ultimately improve your output, and developed and applied correctly are extremely cost effective. They may keep machines running longer and better, they may improve the manufacturing process, reducing production times and maximising efficiencies within the operation. These are all considerations when looking for the chemical raw materials required by your business.

Size matters

It is also important to look at how and in what quantities the chemicals you are sourcing are packaged and sold. Can your storage handle the size of drums or other containers of the chemicals you are procuring and, can they be easily handled and administered where needed?

Chemicals fit for purpose

Perhaps you require your raw material chemicals in a specific format, if they are adaptable. Purity and particle size, for example, may vary but your processes require a particular consistency.

Procuring chemical raw materials is a precision purchase and must align to your budget, timeline and specific requirements. Finding a supplier that is responsive to the demands of your business can be the difference between profitability and a costly mistake.

EWG knows chemicals

At EWG we know that you know your business, but we know chemicals. Together we can ensure that you get the best quality raw chemicals to improve your manufacturing process as well as the best value for money.

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